Zika Virus Spread by Mosquitoes Hits the US

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mosquito treatment options in Broward and Palm Beach county

Transmitted by Mosquitoes, The Zika Virus Hits the U.S.

In Hawaii, there has been the first known case of the Zika Virus to be reported which is spread by mosquitoes. A baby was born with a very small head which the doctors are linking the birth defect to the virus.

This has been confirmed by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

The mother most likely contracted this disease when she was living in Brazil in 2015.

“Health officials warned pregnant women who have visited Latin American countries to get tested for a mosquito-born virus known as the Zika Virus, which has been linked to brain damage in newborns. RT’s Marina Portnaya has more information and takes a look at how the disease is spreading.” RTAmerica

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Some facts on the Zika virus from the CDC:
• There is no vaccine to prevent or medicine to treat Zika.
• Travelers can protect themselves from this disease by taking steps to prevent mosquito bites.
• use insect repellent
• wear long sleeves and pants, and stay in places with air conditioning or that use window and door screens.

mosquito treatment options in Broward and Palm Beach county

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