Spiral Whitefly still active in South Florida

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spiral whitefly needs treatment to save palms and trees in broward palm beach county

This video of Spiral Whitefly on a Gumbo Limbo tree was recorded January 4th, 2016 near Dan Witt Park in Lighthouse Point, FL.

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Spiral Whitefly in Lighthouse Point Florida 2016

It is Jan 4th 2016,
Spiral whitefly on a gumbo limbo leaf.
The weather is actually pretty cold.
You can see some of the adults moving around slowly.
Those little round objects are their baby nymphs.
You can see their nesting material the white stuff.
The black is what’s called sooty mold.
After the insects eat the sap from the tree, the excrete onto the leaf which turns into mold, which is called sooty mold.
It’s also a sticky black substance.

Here is a gumbo limbo tree.
And as you can see, the leaves here, are pretty infested.
So –
Contact your pest control company to do preventative treatments so you can avoid, this nightmare again.
Even though spiral whitefly has slowed down, they are still here.
And they still highly infest your plants

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Spiral Whitefly treatments for palms and plants in Broward and Palm Beach

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