Rodent Control & Removal in Broward and Palm Beach

We understand that rodent removal can be a challenge.

Rodents in your home or place of business can do more harm than you realize. A rodent in your home can spread diseases to your house pets and ruin your insulation. And in your place of business, you can be legally liable - at a high cost - for damaged stock, contaminated foods, health code violations, or other consequences.

Luckily, you can depend on us - the Broward rodent control and removal team with over 45 years of training and experience in rodent trapping, removal and access control. And with our emergency hotline number, we can take care of your rodent problem anytime, day or night.

We know the telltale signs of rodent presence and behavior. Our Broward rat and mouse exterminators know how to root them out. And once they're gone, we can do a full evaluation and advise you on how to make sure they never come back.

Our professional team of rodent control experts in Broward can help you get rid of pesky rodents in your home or business - for good. Call us today for an appointment for an evaluation on how rodent-proof your structure is, or call our emergency line the moment you know you've got a rodent problem. We're here to help.

Protect your family and home from unwanted rodents with our rodent removal services in Broward!

Have you ever experienced being awakened by some strange noise above your ceiling, i.e. a scratching sound? Have you ever had fruits or vegetables on your kitchen counter that have been mysteriously eaten?

Then it’s a possibility that you have a new rodent or animal resident who is enjoying your lovely home and is not paying you rent!

Rats and mice enter our homes looking for food and a comfortable new home for protection from predators and bad weather They also will eat our food that we may leave out for them (they contaminant everything they touch with their urine, droppings, and hair)

Regardless of that, they can carry as many as 10 different diseases which can harm our families. Rats and mice are nocturnal (active at night) which makes them hard to recognize during the day unless you know what signs to look for:

  • Droppings & Urine
  • Gnawed objects
  • Runways,
  • Rub marks
  • Tracks
  • Burrows
  • Live and dead rats,
  • Sounds

Rats can squeeze through cracks ½ inch wide, mice ¼ inch wide.

  • They are great climbers and jumpers and will jump from tree limbs onto our roofs to find a way into our homes
  • Many rats live in the sewers and can pop up in toilets. . .when this happens, don’t flush the toilet.
  • Call our Broward mouse and rat exterminators immediately at 954-421-6187

Our trained and experienced Service Representative knows what to look for when they inspect your home.

  • Our rodent control team in Broward will inspect your home Design a custom plan to eliminate any current rodent infestation
  • And rodent proof your home.

For exterior rodent control, Rodent Bait Stations are recommended.

  • These tamper-resistant bait stations are placed strategically around your home to reduce the rodent population.
  • These stations are maintained on a monthly basis.

Our Difference in

Whether your rental property is in between tenants, you're preparing to list your home, or your personal residence has an infestation, we are the Broward ant exterminator team to turn to for effective extermination.

Our approach to pest control combines the most advanced technology in the space with proven methods we have compiled for South Florida through our many years in service. Meaning no two pest control treatments are the same. We customize all our plans to get pests out of your home and keep them out through the year.

We strive to be a trusted provider of services by offering the following to our customers in :

  • Emergency services available
  • Free estimates
  • Same-day service
  • Free termite inspections
  • Convenient hours

Same-Day and Weekend Service

When a pest emergency strikes at 10 am on a Sunday before the big event, you need someone there immediately. We work around your schedule, so you focus on what is important to you

Free Comprehensive Inspection

During our free comprehensive inspection, we will inspect your home from top to bottom, inside and out, for current or potential pest problems.

100% Pest Free Guarantee

Our pest-free guarantee is to give you peace of mind. If we are unable to resolve your pest problem, our technicians will come back until your pest problem is solved at no cost to you.

Professional & Experienced Technicians

Most of our technicians have been with us from the beginning. We continually invest in new technology and advanced training for technicians, so they are always using the latest techniques to protect your home. You can rest assured that all personnel are screened and background-checked for your total peace of mind.

Competitive Pricing

Let us do the price shopping for you. Our pest control company believes in fair and transparent pricing. We are continually surveying competitor’s pricing to provide you the quality service you need at or below market prices.

The Right Choice For Your Home or Business

JP Miller & Sons Services has over 45 years of experience treating commercial pest problems of all shapes and sizes here in .

  • We are family-owned and operated, and we have been in business since 1974.
  • Our #1 priority is taking care of our customers and we provide exceptional services at a fair price.
  • We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • We offer one-time and ongoing treatment options, as well as same-day services.
  • Our office staff and service technicians work as a team to provide quality customer service, fast response times, and flexible scheduling.
  • To provide a higher level of service and comfort, the technician who provides your estimate will be the same technician who provides your service.

If it’s bugging you, we can handle it.

JP Miller & Sons Services is your nearby pest control leader.

We are so certain that you’ll be ecstatic with our service, we’re proud to offer a money-back guarantee. If, at the end of 90 days, you feel that we did not live up to our promise, we will refund every penny you paid.

BBB A+ Accredited


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