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Flea and Tick Treatment in Sea Ranch Lakes

With so many Americans working from home, as well as students starting at-home learning, expect to see a flea outbreak due to the effect of stay-at-home lifestyles.  Since people and pets are home all day, likely spending more time outdoors, there are countless opportunities for them to pick up fleas and bring them into the house. 

Before Treatment: The Customer’s Role

Aside from knowing they don’t want them in their homes, homeowners tend to not know much about fleas.

  • We recommend homeowners take all their pets to the veterinarian or groomer during the time our Sea Ranch Lakes-area pest elimination technicians are treating the home. 
  • Vacuum several times a day for several days to remove eggs, larvae, and feces. Areas to focus on: vacuum all rugs, drapes, upholstered furniture, mattresses, and cushions. It’s important to seal and discard the vacuum bag outside after cleaning. 
  • Wash or dispose of all pet bedding and clear their bowls and toys, as well as any other items on the floor. 
  • Clear and clean all floors, and mop all tile and vinyl floors.

A Flea-Free Protocol Program: Time to Treat

Insect growth regulators (IGRs) are our go-to product when providing flea treatments in the Sea Ranch Lakes area.

In addition to incorporating IGRs into service protocols, a big part of treating fleas successfully is identifying the source of the infestation.  Our Sea Ranch Lakes flea and tick treatment team will need to: 

  • Determine where fleas are coming from.  We generally find that fleas are carried into yards and homes by wildlife.  We will also need to know where the homeowners’ pets sleep, rest, and eat.
  • Check the attic and or crawlspace in addition to the usual flea hiding places.
  • Apply treatment using IGRs to help prevent pre-adult fleas from maturing into breeding, biting adults.

Post-Flea Treatment: Now What

Since pupae may continue to develop and emerge from their cocoons for several days or weeks, customers should continue to vacuum for 2-3 weeks at intervals of 3-4 days after our Sea Ranch Lakes flea treatment technician has completed the elimination process. The vacuum’s mechanical pressure will improve the effectiveness of the insecticide.

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Our Difference in Sea Ranch Lakes

Whether your rental property is in between tenants, you're preparing to list your home, or your personal residence has an infestation, we are the Broward ant exterminator team to turn to for effective extermination.

Our approach to pest control combines the most advanced technology in the space with proven methods we have compiled for South Florida through our many years in service. Meaning no two pest control treatments are the same. We customize all our plans to get pests out of your home and keep them out through the year.

We strive to be a trusted provider of services by offering the following to our customers in Sea Ranch Lakes:

  • Emergency services available
  • Free estimates
  • Same-day service
  • Free termite inspections
  • Convenient hours

Same-Day and Weekend Service

When a pest emergency strikes at 10 am on a Sunday before the big event, you need someone there immediately. We work around your schedule, so you focus on what is important to you

Free Comprehensive Inspection

During our free comprehensive inspection, we will inspect your home from top to bottom, inside and out, for current or potential pest problems.

100% Pest Free Guarantee

Our pest-free guarantee is to give you peace of mind. If we are unable to resolve your pest problem, our technicians will come back until your pest problem is solved at no cost to you.

Professional & Experienced Technicians

Most of our technicians have been with us from the beginning. We continually invest in new technology and advanced training for technicians, so they are always using the latest techniques to protect your home. You can rest assured that all personnel are screened and background-checked for your total peace of mind.

Competitive Pricing

Let us do the price shopping for you. Our Sea Ranch Lakes pest control company believes in fair and transparent pricing. We are continually surveying competitor’s pricing to provide you the quality service you need at or below market prices.

The Right Choice For Your Home or Business

JP Miller & Sons Services has over 45 years of experience treating commercial pest problems of all shapes and sizes here in Sea Ranch Lakes.

  • We are family-owned and operated, and we have been in business since 1974.
  • Our #1 priority is taking care of our customers and we provide exceptional services at a fair price.
  • We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • We offer one-time and ongoing treatment options, as well as same-day services.
  • Our office staff and service technicians work as a team to provide quality customer service, fast response times, and flexible scheduling.
  • To provide a higher level of service and comfort, the technician who provides your estimate will be the same technician who provides your service.

We Solve Flea Problems.

 We know what makes fleas tick (pun intended), and we know how to get rid of them for good. Our approach is tried and tested, not to mention guaranteed.

BBB A+ Accredited


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