Termite swarms are coming soon to a home near you.


Termite swarms are coming soon to a home near you.

From Dry wood termites to Formosan and Asian Sub Termites, their swarm season (late March – May) is almost here!  Of these termites, the Formosan and Asian termites are “two of the most damaging termite species in South Florida.”  In our environment, they destroy wood in our homes and buildings but also can damage very valuable trees on our properties.

What does a termite swarm season mean to me you ask?

  • Based on environmental signals, termites everywhere can coordinate their swarms from their nest.
  • Resulting in a cloud of reproductive termites, all looking for a new home to start their new colony.
  • This leads to your home becoming the next breeding ground for a new termite colony.

How can I prevent my property from becoming these termites next meal?

  • Be aware of these swarms and any insects that look like termites with wings that may end up on your property’s windows, door, inside your home, or around lights.
  • Give your professional Pest Management company a call to identify any suspicious insects you may find.
  • Be proactive and have preventative termite treatments with a baiting system like Sentricon or a liquid treatment with Non-Repellant Termiticide like Taurus.
  • Preventative treatments cost a lot less than curative treatments, and you protect your home before it’s too late and damage has occurred.
  • Have annual termite inspections done by a professional (included with termite warranty renewals).


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Swarmer Alert! Termites Are Swarming in Florida!

Termite swarms occur when winged reproductive termites leave an established termite colony to mate and form new colonies. They pose an alarming reminder that termite colonies are in a structure or surrounding areas, looking for new places to feed and thrive. Annually, termites cause an estimated $5 billion to $10 billion in property damage in the United States.

What do you do when swarmers are spotted?

Consider it a warning that a subterranean termite problem may exist somewhere in the structure, especially if the swarm occurred indoors, and get help. We are excited to offer a long-term solution that actually eliminates the entire termite colony from the structure, the Sentricon System.

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